The deals keep on comin’: No. 2 pick changes hands

The Detroit Drill Team has maneuvered itself into the No. 2 draft slot after swinging a 3-for-3 deal with the Applegate Paperclips late Friday night.

Applegate likely gives up on its dream of acquiring Baltimore backstop Matt Wieters, but picks up some early-round currency in exchange: The Clips now have five of the draft’s top 30 selections.

The deal was this: Detroit gives Applegate picks in the first round (7), second round (23) and third round (30) for the right to draft behind Springfield in the first round (2), plus the Clips’ 13th- (149) and 14th-round (161) picks.

The exchange means that each of the first four picks in the draft has been dealt now. The new draft order:

1– Springfield 2–Detroit 3–Tropical 4–Margaritaville

5–S. Grand Prairie 6–Bismarck 7–Applegate 8–Hickory

9–Margaritaville 10– Superior 11–Savannah 12–Bushwood

The latest wheeling and dealing results in the following implications:

*Detroit is said to be leaning toward Atlanta’s young ace, Tommy Hanson, who has a strong card and a bright future. With Yadier Molina behind the plate, the Demo Dogs are in a better position than most to absorb Hanson’s +7 hold factor.

* Amazingly, Wieters could be back in play for Tropical at No. 3. While the Heat retained Geovanny Soto and Mike Napoli, a top switch-hitting prospect like Wieters could be hard to pass up.

* If Tropical goes for Andrew McCutchen to bolster its outfield or another player, does Margaritaville snag Wieters, with Victor Martinez coming off a great year at the plate? The Volcanoes hold the 4th and 9th pick of the first round and could be in “best-available-young-player” mode to try to build a new young nucleus.

How will it play out? Will there be even more deals? Less than 19 hours remain… stay tuned…


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