How latest trade affects Andrew Bailey

Wednesday’s blockbuster deal between Tropical and Springfield not only puts both teams’ cards plainly on the table, it also has the potential to significantly alter the first-round landscape.

In acquiring not only the No. 1 overall pick but also closer Mariano Rivera, the Isotopes fill two needs instead of just one. Previously sitting at No. 3, Springfield would have had to choose between nabbing a starting pitcher — and likely second helpings after Chris Carpenter had gone first or second — and a stud reliever like Andrew Bailey.

Now, with Rivera erasing the need for a closer and the No. 1 pick in hand, Springfield can snag Carpenter and place him atop a rotation of Felix Hernandez, Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw and Wandy Rodriguez.

The deal also helps calm anxieties that were building in Applegate over who the No. 1 pick might be dealt to, and might that team swoop in to grab consensus top prospect Matt Wieters. With pennant-contending Springfield now in the drivers’ seat, the path would appear clear for Applegate to select Wieters.

Then Tropical would have an opportunity to add a franchise-cornerstone player to a team already blessed with Evan Longoria and Adam Jones, someone like Andrew McCutchen or Tommy Hanson.

That makes Bailey available in the fourth spot for Wisconsin, with a stacked lineup and a rotation recently bolstered by the acquisition of Jered Weaver.  The Warhawks already have Trevor Hoffman, but he only has 54 innings, and Wisconsin looks like the kind of club that could have a lot more save opportunities than that.

Editor’s note: We subsequently learned Margaritaville now owns the fourth pick, having acquired it from Wisconsin.


5 Responses

  1. here is the gophers fearless first-round forecast (REVISED):

    1. SI — carpenter
    2. DD — hanson
    3. TH — wieters
    4. MV — zobrist
    5. SGP — feliz
    6. bb — porcello
    7. AP — beckham
    8. HN — Figgins
    9. MV — bailey
    10. ST — mccutchen
    11. SS — hill
    12. bg — piniero

  2. Bailey sure would be a good fit for the Warhawks.
    If I were to draft him, I wonder what Dan would offer to me in trade for him.

  3. here is the gophers fearless first-round forecast:

    1. SI — carpenter
    2. AP — wieters
    3. TH — hanson
    4. MV — zobrist
    5. SGP — feliz
    6. bb — beckham
    7. DD — piniero
    8. HN — Figgins
    9. MV — Andrus
    10. ST — mccutchen
    11. SS — hill
    12. bg — bailey

  4. Bailey was ticketed for Springfield with pick #3, no question.

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