Big deal! Savannah ships Lincecum to Detroit

The Savannah Scorpions have sent a clear “going for it all” message to the I-75 Strat-O-Matic League by shipping pitcher Tim Lincecum to the Detroit Demolition Dogs in exchange for pitcher Josh Beckett and outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

Also involved: Savannah surrenders David DeJesus and its second-round pick, while acquiring Detroit’s fourth and 14th-round pick.

Savannah looks to be solidifying its outfield with the deal while hoping that the difference between Beckett and Lincecum’s performance is not measureable. The Scorpions now boast an outfield of Markakis, Ichiro and J.D. Drew.

Detroit appears to be taking its first step toward getting younger by grabbing the best young, proven pitcher in the game.

What are your thoughts on the big deal? Share them in the “Leave a Reply” box.


7 Responses

  1. After breaking down the pitchers, I’m left with only one opinion ….

    What was Hart thinking?

    Based on my calculations, Lincecum is clearly twice the pitcher that Beckett is, even when you add the Colonel’s Boston bias. Ichiro is very good, but does his defense/speed counteract the huge difference in the two pitching cards? The dice will tell.

    • I offered Lincecum and Iannetta to Gary for Haren and McCann. He turned it down. Nobody other than Ken inquired further about Lincecum after I expressed my disgust for him after I learned he is a druggie.

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  3. You knew Lincecum was in the Dog House (Steve’s) after failing to win any games in the divisonal playoff series. Mgr. Hart’s lack of tolerance on recreational drug use was the final straw. Heard Steve mutter, “Dog House?!!? Dog House?!!? Hell, I will make him a life time member of the Dog House…!” The Demo Dogs were the likely (only) trade partner.

  4. Josh Beckett is a fine pitcher. With an already impressive WHIP of 1.19, I look for his card to be even better due tohits being left off his card due to Fenway’s ballpark singles factor (1-17) and some bad defense on the left side of the infield (Lowell, Nick Green and Alex Gonzalez). Strat will factor hits occurring from those two factors into the cards of Boston’s hurlers.

    And if Beckett leaves Boston in his upcoming FA year and signs with a N.L. team …. oh boy!

  5. Wow — Lincecum changing teams is certainly a big deal. I think Kenny got a stud pitcher at a bargain price. Either Col. Hart has some insider knowledge regarding Lincecum’s deteriorating right shoulder or he couldn’t stand the thought of his No. 1 starter being a convicted dope smoker.

  6. Mmm, what’s it going to cost you Steve to keep me from choosing Piniero???? Muwhahahahaha!

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