The latest on ratings book, disks and cards

Information is beginning to dribble out at the Strat forum on the release of the ratings book, disks and new cards.

From Strat’s Steve Barkan:

SOM anticipates starting to take baseball preorders on Jan 4. Nothing has been finalized regarding ratings books, 2009 team orders or opening day. I don’t think any of that info will be posted this week.

On the topic of the ratings book/disk,  Barkan commented:

Information will be posted on the website at the appropriate time about when the ratings book can be ordered and whether there will be a ratings disk, or not. I do not foresee that info going up anytime this week.

This reference regarding “whether there will be a ratings disk, or not” is open to a couple of interpretations. One is the data could be made available only in book format, to eliminate unauthorized sharing of the ratings disk that costs the company money. But this would also infuriate many gamers, especially those in draft leagues like ours. More likely, the reference is to the definition of “disk,” as few PCs these days come equipped with the ability to insert 3.5″ floppy disks. Perhaps the data will be released on a CD, or even via a download from a Web page.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that the process of ordering — and possibly receiving — ratings book/disks, and the new season pre-orders, seems to be behind by about two weeks. We can only hope that the new releases are able to make up that ground.


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