Retention tension: Protected lists due Thursday at midnight

With player range ratings due to be released on Tuesday, I-75 League Commissioner Dave Renbarger has verified that all managers must submit their protected lists of 17 or 18 players by midnight ET Thursday.

Here is the communique in its entirety:

Fellow managers: 

It is time to start firming up those retention lists. 

Our constitution states that the lists are due two days after the release of the fielding ratings.  With the ratings scheduled to be posted on the SOM website this Tuesday, the deadline for turning in your retention list will be 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 17. 

A reminder that managers must retain either 17 or 18 players and submit their list to me via e-mail before the deadline.  You can submit your list early and amend it as needed prior to the deadline, but no amendments can be accepted after the deadline.  Please take care to submit your list properly and double check it for accuracy. 

Suprisingly, no trades have been made thusfar during the current trading period.  Managers who are fortunate enough to have more than 18 retention-worthy players would seemingly be eager to trade their excess talent for players or 2010 draft picks rather than cutting good players loose and getting nothing in return. 

I will collate and distibute all 12 retention lists on Friday morning and we will begin our one-round supplemental draft as soon as possible (hopefully on Saturday).  As a reminder, all teams electing to retain 17 players will participate in the supplemental draft of unretained players, and the draft order mirrors the order of rounds 2-14 in the regular draft.

In order to streamline the job of collating and distributing the lists, managers are asked to submit two lists:  their retained players and their released players.  Please list first names, last names and positon for all players on your lists.




2 Responses

  1. It’s down, but demand for ratings is not the reason, according to the Strat Forum.

  2. The strat website has been down for awhile. Maybe too many gamers hitting on it for the ratings?

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