Pat Burrell, the GM wants to see you in his office

File this fact away if the Superior Titans manage to take down the Bushwood Gophers in the Northbound Division finals:

There are grumblings in the Gophers’ clubhouse that general manager Dave Renbarger might not be giving complete focus to the playoffs, as a member of the front office leaked the Gophers’ tentative retention list plans to this Website.

If Bushwood goes on to win the championship, it may prove quickly forgotten, but if the Gophers go down, questions will be raised about why they were paying any attention at all to 2010 plans with ballgames still to be played in 2009.

Got your team’s retention thoughts ready? Send ’em in and we’ll post.


One Response

  1. The Gophers were paying attention and winning the Northbound (we still need new division names) pennant gonfolon. Hope to play them in the World Series. jake

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